The Shay Emma Hammer Research Foundation is a Co-Founder of the new International SCN8A Alliance along with Gabi Conecker from Wishes for Elliott.

As parents of Shay and Elliott, we have each been collaborating since 2014 on advancing research and new treatments for all those struggling with SCN8A epilepsy and related disorders.  We are formalizing our long-standing partnership by combining our efforts in the new SCN8A Alliance.  We seek to:

  • Provide a platform to facilitate coordination and reduce duplicated efforts among the varied contributors to the SCN8A community.
  • Welcome enhanced communication, coordination, and collaboration with all family and professional organizations sharing a commitment to advancing improved research treatment, a standard of care, and a better quality of life for SCN8A epilepsy and related disorders.
  • Prioritize expanding collaborations between families, clinicians, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies.

The logo of the Alliance combines two well-known symbols of our commitment to the community:

The neuron reflecting


The symbol of the
International SCN8A REGISTRY

To reflect our vision of global scientific collaboration to improve care and accelerate SCN8A research.

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